MM28 | Polymer Satin Varnish

MM28 Polymer Satin Varnish is a water-based acrylic varnish containing matting agents to reduce sheen, resulting in a satin finish which is not too glossy but still has a lively look about it without being matt. MM28 Polymer Satin Varnish will help to bring out the intense, vibrant colours of the Matisse Professional Artist Acrylics range. Use as a final varnish over a dried, well-cured acrylic painting where a satin or semigloss sheen is required (and the use of MM29 Final Varnish Satin Finish (Turps-based) is not appropriate).

This varnish may be used to matt off a work for photography or wherever a subdued satin finish is required. It is most suitable as a protective coating particularly over large works exposed to damage in public galleries, commercial paintings required for floodlit photographic reproduction and paintings that would be improved by eliminating unbalanced glossy highlights.


MM28 Polymer Satin Varnish may be used as a final varnish and dries non-yellowing and completely clear. As acrylics dry very rapidly, care should be taken to apply varnish pre-diluted with water. How much water will depend on the temperature, humidity and how thickly you apply each coat. However a good starting point is somewhere between 1 part water to 1 to 2 parts varnish. Polymer Varnish, applied in very thick layers on a hot day, could trap moisture, resulting in a cloudy film which would be very difficult to correct.

MM28 Polymer Satin Varnish can also be used as a matting medium added into the paint. This varnish should be thoroughly stirred as it contains a matting agent, which may, in prolonged storage, tend to settle out and fall to the bottom of the container.

Polymer water-based varnishes may appear to be slightly hazy whilst in solution. This is an optical effect produced by light refraction of acrylic particles suspended within the water-based medium. The effect disappears when the film is dry. MM6 Polymer Matt Varnish and MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish are freely intermixable with MM28 Polymer Satin Varnish to alter the sheen level of the varnish as desired. Do not use over oil-based paints. Do not allow to freeze. Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

To view or download a copy of MM28 SDS, please CLICK HERE (286kb) *The above link will open an external Dropbox window

MM28 | Polymer Satin Varnish sample


  250ml, 1Ltr,


A varnish is a clear coat applied over the top of an artwork. It has two main functions - to give an even sheen to the work, which will in turn help to bring out the full intensity and beauty of the pigments, and to protect it from several different areas of attack such as wear and tear and airborne grime and chemicals.

(For more info, see further techniques and instructions on our dedicate Varnishing Technique page.)

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