Matisse Structure Classic Sets

Each set has been hand selected from the brilliant range of Matisse Structure Formula Colours and Mediums to provide artists with a stunning array of colours and possibilities in 75ml tubes.

Matisse Structure Primary Set

The Primary Set of colours gives you all the colours you need to use a split primary colour mixing palette. With a little knowledge of bias colour mixing and a choice of warm and cool primary colours, bright vibrant secondary and tertiary colours will be easily mixed. The addition of Mars Black and Titanium White to the set allows for a huge range of tonal shades of these mixes as required. ALL CONTAINS 75ML TUBES

Matisse Structure Landscape Set

This set provides all the colours that you as the artist need to create a great landscape, with some typically Australian colours included to give artists an enhanced colour palette. Rich and vibrant browns provide the perfect company for the array of greens and yellows to create the ideal foreground, while the addition of Titanium White will allow you to create the low-key backgrounds regularly employed in landscape painting. The Matisse highly pigmented Phthalo Blue will provide a great base for the skies, and will give you even more range in your colour choices. ALL CONTAINS 75ML TUBES

    Matisse Structure Portrait Set

    This set includes the colours traditionally used by portrait painters. Some of these colours have been enhanced purely for portrait painting. For example the often used Raw Sienna has been superseded by a purpose developed Skin Tone Mid which will allow further mixing and development of colours than would be possible with a traditional Raw Sienna. Yellow Oxide and Matisse Red Light in the set allows you to bring vibrancy to the brightest areas of colour within the face, for the ears, cheeks, nose and lips. Together with the inclusion of the brilliant Phthalo Green all eye colours are achievable. With the strength of the colours in this set, mixed with Titanium White, you will achieve the perfect highlight colours for the forehead area of your portraits. In the case of darker flesh tones mix a touch of Ultramarine Blue.

    Matisse Australian Colours Set

    Unique vibrant colours are a characteristic of much of Australia. At Matisse Derivan we have developed a range of unique colours that capture the character of Australia. These colours have been inspired by the warm yet striking earth tones of Uluru, the brilliant turquoise oceans, the crystal blue skies and the vibrant native flora of Australia. Just as Uluru changes colour with the passing of time, colours such as Australian Sienna, Australian Red Violet and Southern Ocean Blue will glow when applied in glazes and intensify when presented in mass tone. Capture some of the magic in your paintings today.

      10x75ml tubes  Set Contains:

          Matisse Australian Seascape Set

          Those artists that paint seascapes all know how exceptionally intense the blues and greens of the Phthalocyanine pigments are. They are incorporated in this set along with other essential colours for creating the perfect seascape including Southern Ocean Blue – a fantastic Australian turquoise. The almost black mass tone of Prussian Blue gives way to a stunning green undertone that reveals the darkest depths of the ocean. Ultramarine Blue gives you, the artist, a vibrant blue for the sky whilst the addition of Brilliant Alizarine, Yellow Oxide and Naples Yellow Light will give a wonderful array of colours to complete the scene and allow great colour mixing opportunities.
            10x75ml tubes Set Contains: 


                Matisse Structure Intro Set 

                Introducing six inspiring themed new sets within the Matisse Structure Formula range. Each set has been hand selected from the brilliant range of Matisse Structure Formula Colours and Matisse Mediums to provide artists with a stunning array of colours in 75ml tubes.
                  5x75ml tubes Set Contains:

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