Australian Olive Green | Matisse acrylic paint

    Chemical Description: Phthalocyanine green, Diarylide yellow, synthetic Iron oxide & amorphous carbon

    Pigment Numbers: PG7 PY83 PR101 PBk7

    Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

    Pigment Opacity: Transparent

    Paint Opacity: Transparent

    Series 2

    Australian Olive Green | Matisse Acrylic Paint

    Historical Craving: Artists' Quest for Olive Green


    For centuries, artists yearned for Olive Green, a colour eluding them in the realms of malachite or erratic blends of blue and fugitive yellows. Contemporary paint manufacturers bridge this gap by artfully blending permanent pigments to recreate this coveted hue.


    Artistic Allure: Resembling Nature's Canvas


    Artists are drawn to Olive Green for its resemblance to the hues of bushland, a palette reflecting the earthy tones of nature. Interestingly, this colour has not only adorned artists' canvases but has also found a place in military uniforms over the years.


    Evolution of Military Hue: From Bright to Drab


    In military history, uniforms transitioned from vivid colours like blue and red to drab shades for tactical reasons. Abbott Handerson Thayer, an artist studying camouflage, played a pivotal role. During the Spanish-American War, he experimented with olive green, later documented in his influential 1909 book, forming the foundation for modern military camouflage.


    Olive Green 107: A Military Legacy


    The U.S. military retains Olive Green for specific contexts, officially known as "Olive Green 107" (OG107). While solid olive green proved less effective, the colour endures in modern camouflage patterns.


    Australian Olive Green: A Deeper Palette


    Distinct from its American counterpart, Australian Olive Green boasts a deeper hue, not reflecting darker forests but providing artists with a versatile base. To mimic the military olive shade, a touch of Yellow Oxide transforms Australian Olive Green.


    Tailored for Coastal Forests: Nature's Palette in Australia


    Australia's diverse landscapes, from coastal rainforests to sclerophyll forests, find their reflection in Australian Olive Green. Sclerophyll forests, common in Australia and globally, with eucalypts and acacias, align seamlessly with the palette. Experimenting with yellows, Aureolin, and Australian Sienna refines the green spectrum.


    Nature's Elegance: Shadows and Variations


    Australian Olive Green blends seamlessly with shadows and dark leaves, enhanced by Australian Sienna. Transparent Red Oxide deepens shadows, while Ash Pink, Australian Sky Blue, and Australian Blue Gum offer nuanced variations, especially in the gentle greens of eucalyptus leaves.


    Iridescent Explorations: Artistic Applications


    Addressing iridescence in bird plumage and butterfly wings, Australian Olive Green proves versatile. Combining it with Metallic Bronze and other colours unleashes a spectrum of shades, not just for natural depictions but also in the realm of imaginative and abstract artworks. Experimentation with this bronze-infused green opens avenues for vibrant and striking compositions.

    Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Australian Olive Green (SDS)

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