Yellow Mid (Azo) | Matisse Acrylic Paint

Chemical Description: Arylide yellow

Pigment Number: PY74

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Transparent

Paint Opacity: Semi-transparent

Series 2

yellow mid azo

Yellow Mid (Azo) | Matisse Acrylic Paint


The Vibrancy of PY74

Yellow Mid Azo, harnessed from the pigment PY74, stands as a magnificent hue, defining the standard mid-yellow arylide colour in recent years. Azo and arylide, integral components of closely related lake pigments, form the backbone of the modern, high-performance organic pigment industry. These pigments, including PY74, play a pivotal role in a myriad of applications, from automotive colours to plastics, enriching our visual landscape with an array of vibrant choices.


Cost-Effective Brilliance


In the realm of pigments, choices often hinge on factors beyond colour alone. Yellow Mid Azo, slightly greener than Cadmium Yellow Medium, offers a comparable shade at a more budget-friendly price. The cost-effective nature of Yellow Mid Azo makes it an attractive option for artists working within budget constraints. Despite its affordability, this pigment maintains excellence, achieving ASTM I permanence—a crucial attribute for artists seeking enduring quality.


Transparency and Versatility


One distinguishing factor that sets Yellow Mid Azo apart from its close counterpart, Cadmium Yellow Medium, is its greater transparency. While there are occasions when opacity and covering power are essential, the need for transparent effects may arise. Yellow Mid Azo caters to both requirements, offering artists a versatile tool in their palette.


Enhanced Tinting Strength and Clean Colours


Yellow Mid Azo brings another advantage to the artist's table—greater tinting strength than Cadmium Yellow Medium. This characteristic allows for the creation of vibrant and clean colours when blended with other hues. The clean, clear quality of Yellow Mid Azo contributes to its suitability for crafting brilliant mixtures, enhancing the overall visual impact of an artist's work.


In essence, Yellow Mid Azo embodies more than just a colour choice; it represents a balance between cost-effectiveness, transparency, and brilliance, offering artists a versatile and valuable addition to their creative toolkit.

Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Yellow Mid Azo (SDS)

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Yellow Mid (Azo) is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow

STRUCTURE 75ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, 4Ltr

FLOW 75ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, 4Ltr

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