Australian Red Violet | Matisse acrylic paint

      Chemical Description: Quinacridone

      Pigment Number: PV19

      Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

      Pigment Opacity: Transparent

      Paint Opacity: Semi-Transparent

      Series 6

      Australian Red Violet | Matisse acrylic paint

      Distinctive Hues of Arid Regions


      Desert and arid regions, distinct in their natural coloration, present a stark contrast to lusher landscapes. Situated across similar latitudes north or south of the equator, these areas share commonalities in both temperature and air moisture. The sparse vegetation in these regions results in sandier soils, often displaying redder and more orange hues on the ground. In the distance, mountains and hills take on an almost violet tinge, a unique feature not found in the bluer and greener hills of more verdant landscapes.


      Iconic Landscapes: The Grand Canyon and The Red Center

      Familiar to many, this distinct color palette is evident in iconic landscapes such as the Grand Canyon in the United States and the central deserts of Australia, collectively known as The Red Center. Catering to the needs of landscape artists seeking authentic colors for these dry terrains, several pigments have been developed. One such color is Australian Red Violet, capturing the essence of the exotic hues found in these arid places.


      Characteristics of Australian Red Violet


      True to its name, Australian Red Violet is a deep red-violet pigment. It mirrors the violets found in rock crevices under the intense heat of the day, as well as the subtle hues that grace the landscape during the deep evening when the air remains warm, and the sun casts long shadows across the hills. This pigment belongs to the quinacridone family, known for its remarkable range of shades achieved through slight molecular adjustments and manufacturing variations.


      Permanence and Lightfastness


      Noteworthy for its permanence, Australian Red Violet holds an ASTM I rating, indicating exceptional lightfastness even in the palest tints. Its semi-transparent nature gives it more body compared to other quinacridone pigments, adding versatility to its application.


      Versatility in Artistic Techniques


      Australian Red Violet proves to be a versatile choice for various artistic techniques, serving as a general violet pigment. When combined with Ultramarine Blue, it produces deep violets and purples that not only rival the light resistance of Dioxazine Purple but also offer a rich variety characteristic of mixed violet hues. This pigment stands as a testament to the ingenuity of color development, capturing the unique beauty of arid landscapes for artists to express and explore.

      Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Australian Red Violet (SDS)

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      Australian Red Violet  is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow, Matisse Fluid  

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