Yellow Deep | Matisse Acrylic Paint

Chemical Description: Diarylide yellow

Pigment Number: PY83

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Transparent

Paint Opacity: Semi-transparent

Series 2

Yellow Deep | Matisse Acrylic Paint

Capturing the Essence of Sunflowers


Yellow Deep, a rich golden yellow, evokes the vibrant beauty of Vincent Van Gogh's iconic sunflowers. Imagining this pigment in Van Gogh's hands, one can't help but picture even more mesmerizing sunflower paintings. In contrast, Van Gogh utilized a golden shade of Chrome Yellow, a pigment known for its toxicity and susceptibility to turning brown when reacting with other colours. Enter Yellow Deep, a non-toxic and highly lightfast alternative, free from the challenges associated with its historical counterpart.


The Chemistry of Brilliance


Yellow Deep belongs to the category of diarylide pigments, a classification indicating a doubling of carbon and hydrogen atoms in the colour molecule. This chemical alteration not only modifies the colour slightly but also enhances lightfastness. This class of pigments, including Yellow Deep, emerged largely from extensive research invested in finding new automotive colours since the 1960s. Artists owe a debt of gratitude to the automotive industry, as any colour deemed suitable for cars, exposed to intense sunlight for years, assures ample lightfastness for artists' paints.


The Gift of Lightfastness


The advent of these newer organic colours, like Yellow Deep, is a boon for artists seeking both beauty and permanence in their works. Lightfastness becomes a guarantee, allowing painters to delve into the vast spectrum of hues inspired by nature. From flowers to golden wheat fields, from capturing sunlight to expressing the myriad inspirations that stirred Van Gogh, Yellow Deep emerges as an invaluable tool in the artist's palette.


In the brushstrokes of Yellow Deep, artists find not just a colour but a radiant tribute to the timeless brilliance of Van Gogh's sunflowers and the enduring allure of nature's vibrant hues.

Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Yellow Deep (SDS)

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 Yellow Deep is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow 

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