Southern Ocean Blue | Matisse Acrylic Paint

Chemical Description: Blend Chlorinated copper, Phthalocyanine & Copper phthalocyanine

Pigment Number: PG7 PB15.3

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Transparent

Paint Opacity: Transparent

Series 2

Southern Ocean Blue | Matisse Acrylic Paint

The Marvel of Synthetic Dyes


Southern Ocean Blue, a rich turquoise hue reminiscent of deep ocean waters, is a testament to the remarkable advancements in art pigments. A fusion of green and blue phthalocyanine, this pigment unveils a transparent and deeply permanent turquoise shade, a feat unattainable for artists before the 20th century. The advent of phthalocyanine has indeed revolutionized the artist's palette.


The Organic Connection


While synthetic dyes like Southern Ocean Blue may seem distinctly artificial, they are, in fact, organic colours. Their designation as organic arises from the presence of carbon atoms in their molecular structure, creating an intrinsic link to compounds found naturally in the body. Notably, the phthalocyanines share similarities with pigments in human bile, with pyrrole being a key component. Artists often encounter confusion when researching "pyrrole pigment," as medical discussions dominate search results, overshadowing the non-toxic nature of artist pigments.


Endurance in Light


The pyrrole-like pigments, including Southern Ocean Blue, boast exceptional light resistance. Pyrrole red, a sibling pigment, surpasses Cadmium Red in lightfastness. Phthalo Blue, a component of Southern Ocean Blue, serves as a benchmark in lightfast rating systems. Pigments matching the permanency of Phthalo Blue earn recognition in the highest category, ensuring enduring brilliance.


Versatility for Marine and Landscape Artists


True to its name, Southern Ocean Blue captures the essence of deep ocean hues, offering a versatile palette for both marine and landscape artists. Paired with Cobalt Turquoise, it produces a spectrum of green-blue and blue-green shades. Introducing Australian Ghost Gum lightens the colour, mimicking the mid and light turquoise tones found in cold oceans. To evoke stormy weather, a touch of Australian Salmon Gum transforms Southern Ocean Blue into ocean blue-green.


Marine Horizons and Tropical Seas


For tropical sea aesthetics, blend Southern Ocean Blue with Cobalt Teal. Adjusting the teal ratio creates the inky depths of the Coral Sea outside the Great Barrier Reef or the vibrant waters within. Infusing Hansa Light Yellow into this mix yields the greenish hues of shallow waters, offering a nuanced palette for marine landscapes.


Landscape Adventures


Southern Ocean Blue extends its charm to landscape artists, serving as a foundational pigment for crafting forest greens. A transparent Hookers Green emerges by combining it with Transparent Yellow Oxide, while a vibrant mid-grass green is achievable with Iso Yellow. For a lively lime green akin to cadmium green, artists can experiment with Cadmium Yellow Light or Bismuth Yellow. Southern Ocean Blue, a tribute to the vast southern oceans, gracefully transitions from clipper ships to tropical seas and lush forests—an all-season colour for artistic exploration.

Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Southern Ocean Blue (SDS)

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Southern Ocean Blue is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow, Matisse Fluid

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