Vermilion (AZO) | Matisse Acrylic Paint

Chemical Description: Benzimidazolone

Pigment Number: PO36

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Semi-transparent

Paint Opacity: Opaque

Series 3

Vermilion (AZO) | Matisse Acrylic Paint

An Overview of Pigment Orange 36


Vermilion (Azo), housing Pigment Orange 36, presents a striking reddish-orange colour characterized by exceptional permanence, making it a preferred choice in various industries. Its prominence in the automotive sector showcases its versatility, and its common combination with quinacridone reds produces vibrant shades like fire engine red.


Versatility Across Industries


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Azo Orange, with its advantageous qualities, finds applications in diverse industries, including automotive, printing inks, plastics, and artists' colours. Its attributes, including opacity, superior weather resistance, excellent flow characteristics, and cost-effectiveness, contribute to its wide acceptance.


Comparing Lightfastness: Vermilion (Azo) vs. Cadmium Red


Contrary to common misconceptions, Vermilion (Azo) differs from Cadmium Red. The name originates from an obsolete colour used by old masters, displaying a slightly more orange-red shade than the highest-grade Chinese versions of Cadmium Red and a relatively more orange tone in its European variations. Unlike its predecessor, Vermilion (Azo) addresses issues associated with toxicity and unreliability.


Historical Challenges: Original Vermilion


The original vermilion, containing mercury and notorious for its toxicity, faced reliability issues. While generally permanent, suboptimal manufacturing could cause the red colour to turn black within a painting. The labor-intensive process of grinding vermilion to ensure longevity was a notable practice among old masters. The introduction of Cadmium Red led to the decline of vermilion due to its numerous problems.


Safe and Affordable Option


In contrast, Vermilion (Azo) emerges as a non-toxic alternative, ensuring safety in various applications, including outdoor murals and children's play areas. Its affordability, especially when compared to other deep orange colours, makes it an attractive choice for artists on a budget.


Artistic Applications


Vermilion (Azo) shines as a deep red-orange, suitable for outdoor murals and versatile in landscape compositions. Its compatibility with blues creates a range of pleasing grays, while its role in landscapes involves enhancing ochre colours and contributing to the transition between shadows and light on rocks. This dynamic colour serves as a valuable tool for artists, combining practicality, safety, and affordability in one pigment.

Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Vermillion (SDS)

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Venetian (AZO) is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow

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