Matisse Rose Madder | Matisse acrylic paint

      Chemical Description: Quinacridone

      Pigment Number: PV19

      Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

      Pigment Opacity: Transparent

      Paint Opacity: Semi-Transparent

      Series 7

      Matisse Rose Madder | Matisse acrylic paint

      Evolution of a Name: Redefining Rose Madder


      This captivating deep rose madder hue, although sharing its name with its predecessor, deviates significantly in essence. Matisse Rose Madder boasts a cleaner, more potent, and remarkably lightfast colour profile, even in delicate tints. The original rose madder, beloved by 19th and early 20th-century flower painters, was a relatively feeble and rapidly fading natural madder shade, scoring as low as IV in ASTM testing. Despite the unreliability of the pigment, its distinctive hue remains a cherished asset for artists.


      Quinacridone Revelation: A Molecular Symphony


      The genesis of Matisse Rose Madder lies in a high-performance quinacridone pigment, surpassing its 19th-century counterpart in every crucial aspect. This intense, semi-transparent cherry red not only revitalizes the classic hue but also demonstrates the superior attributes of quinacridone pigments. Introduced in 1958, quinacridones have become ubiquitous in various applications, from four-colour printing and plastics to automotive and artist paints. The name "quinacridone" derives from its molecular structure—five rings arranged side by side. Intriguingly, quinacridone crystals naturally form organic semiconductors under specific conditions, adding a fascinating dimension to pigment trivia.


      Colour Alchemy: Innovative Mixing Techniques


      Matisse Rose Madder encourages lateral thinking in colour mixing. Combining it with Australian Ghost Gum yields soft pinks merging into ivory, reminiscent of the seamless blending found in real flowers. A fusion with Cobalt Teal produces a delightful, subdued blue, while pairing it with Phthalocyanine Green creates an intense semi-transparent black, distinct from conventional black pigments. This echoes the preference of old masters for blacks with unique qualities, such as Ivory Black made from real ivory, more potent than today's bone-derived Ivory Black. Collaborating with earth colours like Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Transparent Yellow Oxide infuses warmth and subtle undertones, particularly valuable for portraying lifelike skin tones.


      Versatility on Canvas: A Multifaceted Performer


      Much like an actor on a stage, Matisse Rose Madder assumes myriad roles, spanning from light and cheerful hues to profound and nuanced tones. This versatility, appreciated by painters, becomes a valuable asset in capturing the world's subtle colour intricacies that defy easy depiction.

      Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Rose Madder (SDS)

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