Iridescent White | Matisse acrylic paint

  • Chemical Description: Blend Titanium dioxide, Mica titanate pearlescent pigment
  • Pigment Number: PW6 + Mica Titanate
  • Lightfastness Rating: Not Tested
  • Pigment Opacity: Opaque
  • Paint Opacity: Opaque
  • Series 4
Iridescent White Matisse acrylic paint

Iridescent pigments originated with automotive paint chemists looking for colours that would be unique for a particular make or model of car and made their appearance in the 1970’s when the Mica Titanates were developed. Earlier experiments with simple crushing of mica and adding it to paint had lead to unstable paint films. The Mica Titanates solved all the earlier problems and produced colours of great durability. At first they were available in metallic shades similar to the Matisse metallic colours but it was the development of the pearly white version that made the pigment most useful for artists.

Iridescence is surprisingly useful for artists and can be achieved by either adding Matisse Iridescent Medium to any colour and by using this pearly Iridescent White for mixing. Nature is full of iridescence. It is found in butterflies and birds wings and in the sparkle of water in sunlight and in the rays of the sun itself. Man-made objects too are rich in the kind of sparkle created by Matisse Iridescent White and Iridescent Medium. Metals, glass, and plastics can be better revealed in paintings using this pigment but it is worth experimenting in all sorts of situations in the landscape - the sparkle in water in a fountain, the reflections from windows, salty spray at the seaside, rain caught in the lights of cars and streetlights. The creative possibilities are endless.

Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Iridescent White (SDS)

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Iridescent White is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow

STRUCTURE • 75ml • 250ml • 500ml • 1Ltr • 4Ltr
FLOW • 75ml • 500ml • 1Ltr • 4Ltr

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