Cadmium Orange | Matisse acrylic paint

        Chemical Description: Cadmium sulphoselenide

        Pigment Number: PO20

        Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

        Pigment Opacity: Opaque Paint

        Opacity: Opaque

        Series 4

        Cadmium Orange | Matisse acrylic paint

        For many artists this is the perfect orange with a beautiful and clean pure orange hue. It has excellent covering power and is absolutely lightfast when used in acrylic. Cadmium Yellow was developed in 1817 but the orange and red versions were not developed until many decades later and were not introduced commercially until after the First World War. In order to get a pure Cadmium Red  sulfur is replaced with selenium resulting in cadmium selenide. In practice reds containing cadmium have admixtures of both cadmium sulfide with cadmium selenide and the pigment we call Cadmium Orange has an even higher portion of sulfide to selenide producing this beautiful orange color. Cadmium Orange is well liked by artists for the richness and warmth of the color. It is not possible to produce such a clean and bright orange color by mixing. Even mixing Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Red together produces an orange that is noticeably duller than the real Cadmium Orange pigment. Orange is the complementary of blue and as a consequence the two mixed together produce a range of neutrals. Choosing particular oranges and particular blues naturally creates a wide range of neutral colors. Cadmium Orange makes particularly beautiful soft neutrals when mixed with Cerulean Blue because both are relatively light pigments in their color range, although the darker that result from the mixture of Cadmium Orange with Ultramarine or Cobalt Blue have a wonderfully mysterious quality about them. It is fascinating that Cadmium Orange used pure and as a mixture with blue can go from the heat of a naked flame to the soft natural grays of ashes and charred wood below.

        The CL (Cautionary Labeling) Seal identifies products that are certified to be properly labeled in a program of toxicological evaluation by a medical expert for any known health risks and with information on the safe and proper use of these materials. These products are also certified by ACMI to be labeled in accordance with the chronic hazard labeling standard, ASTM D4236. Products with this seal are not hazardous if used correctly. It is important to read the product label in full before opening a product that has the CL Seal. These products should never be given to children 3 years or under or anyone with a physical or mental handicap who is unable to read and understand safety labeling on packages. WARNING: CADMIUM COLOURS CONTAIN CADMIUM PIGMENT (CADMIUM SULFIDE) KNOWN TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO CAUSE CANCER. DO NOT SPRAY APPLY, SWALLOW OR INHALE. CANCER AGENT BY INHALATION BASED ON EXPERIMENTAL DATA. FOR FURTHER HEALTH INFORMATION OR ADVICE, CONTACT A LOCAL POISON CONTROL CENTRE. IN AUSTRALIA ph: 13 11 26; IN NEW ZEALAND ph: 0800 764 766; IN US ph: 1-800-222-1222

        Cadmium Orange is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow

        STRUCTURE • 75ml • 250ml • 500ml • 1Ltr • 4Ltr
        FLOW • 75ml • 500ml • 1Ltr • 4Ltr

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