Australian Salmon Gum

| Matisse acrylic paint

Chemical Description: Quinacridone, Arylide yellow, Titanium dioxide

Pigment Numbers: PV19 PY74 PW6 

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I Pigment
Opacity: Semi-Transparent Paint
Opacity: Opaque
Series 2

Australian Salmon Gum | Matisse Acrylic Paint

The Palette of the Australian Bush


Australian Salmon Gum captures the essence of certain Australian trees, such as the Salmon Gum, known for its trunk adorned in salmon hues. Traditional artists often derived their colours from the Old World, tailored for painting the European landscape. However, the Australian landscape, dominated by eucalyptus trees with greyish leaves and uniquely shedding bark, demanded a distinct colour palette. Unlike the lush greens of other regions, Australia showcases trunks revealing white and salmon shades, creating a landscape like no other. Even the deserts in the centre and the grassy plains in the Gulf Country boast a hint of salmon during the summer.


Meeting Artistic Demands: The Birth of Australian Salmon Gum


In response to artists questioning why this distinctive colour couldn't be extracted from the landscape and packaged, Matisse addressed the demand. They meticulously developed a mixture, refined through artists' testing until perfection was achieved. The result is a light orange shade with a pastel softness, offering opacity ideally suited for the landscape painter. While originally tailored for landscapes, the creative spirit of artists has taken this colour beyond its intended use.


Beyond the Landscape: Artistic Exploration


Australian Salmon Gum, with its bold yet soft character, has found favour in various artistic techniques. Artists, known for their creativity and imagination, have embraced this colour beyond the realm of landscapes. Its unique qualities make it reminiscent of the Fauves' bold approach, yet its softness could easily have been a part of Picasso's Rose Period paintings. This colour, born out of the Australian landscape, has become a versatile tool for artists exploring a spectrum of artistic expressions.

Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Australian Salmon Gum (SDS)

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Australian Salmon Gum  is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow

STRUCTURE 75ml • 250ml • 500ml • 1Ltr • 4Ltr
FLOW• 75ml • 500ml • 1Ltr • 4Ltr

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