Aqua Green Light | Matisse acrylic paint

    Chemical Description: Blend Titanium dioxide & chlorinated Copper phthalocyanine

    Pigment Number: PW6 PG7

    Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

    Pigment Opacity: Opaque

    Paint Opacity: Opaque

    Series 2

    Aqua Green Light Matisse acrylic paint

    Aqua Green Light | Matisse acrylic paint

    Historical Roots: Aqua Green Light and the Echoes of Malachite


    Aqua Green Light, often associated with contemporary fashion, carries a lineage that connects it to the ancient world. While not an exact match, it bears resemblance to malachite, a naturally occurring copper green colour mined and utilized for over 5,000 years. In the Timna valley of Israel, a mine believed by some to be associated with King Solomon has produced malachite for 3,000 years, now primarily used in jewellery rather than artists' paints. Slightly darker and less vibrant than Aqua Green Light, malachite's shade can be achieved by blending a small amount of Phthalo Green and a touch of black. Ancient Egyptians purposefully incorporated this beautiful green, known as "wahdj," in their paintings to symbolize joy, represented by a hieroglyph combining three grains of sand beneath the symbol for green, resembling a modern necktie.


    Evolution and Replacement: Aqua Green Light Takes the Stage


    In the 18th century, malachite yielded to cobalt green, a more permanent but weak colour. Today, Aqua Green Light, a fusion of white and Phthalocyanine Green (Blue Shade), emerges as an ideal replacement. Balancing permanency with vibrant colour strength, it offers the advantage of cleanliness, allowing artists to soften and desaturate by adding complementary colours, unlike desaturated hues that resist brightening.


    Joyful Associations: Beyond Tradition


    While the ancient religious and cultural ties to joy have faded, Aqua Green Light retains its association with brightness and happiness. Reminiscent of water on hot summer days, swimming pools, or the vibrant hues of a bikini or oriental silk gown, it exudes a joyful character.


    Versatility Unveiled: Crafting a Spectrum of Greens


    Aqua Green Light proves its versatility in creating a spectrum of sea colours when mixed with Cobalt Turquoise, a malachite shade with Phthalo Green, a bright grass green with Permanent Green Light, and a delightful light yellow-green with Nickel Titanate. Blending with Iridescent White yields a colour reminiscent of a Chinese silk gown, while Ash Pink creates a soft, light green. For artists navigating the realm of greens, Aqua Green Light stands as a versatile and indispensable tool in the palette.

    Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Aqua Green Light (SDS)

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    Aqua Green Light is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow, Matisse Fluid  

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