Alpine green | Matisse acrylic paint

    Chemical Description: Blend Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine, Arylide yellow & Diarylide yellow

    Pigment Numbers: PG7 PY74 PY83

    Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

    Pigment Opacity: Transparent

    Paint Opacity: Opaque

    Series 2

    Alpine Green  | Matisse Acrylic Paint   

    Rediscovering the Roots: Copper Resinate in the Old Master Period


    Alpine Green, a clean and warm grass green, shares its lineage with Copper Resinate, a colour from the old master period. Copper Resinate, exclusive to oil paint, emerged alongside the inception of oil painting. Unconventional in its creation, the pigment blended verdigris, a vivid bluish-green, with Venice turpentine, resulting in a warmer, more yellowish green. Esteemed by the old masters, this colour imparted a natural appearance to foliage and grass, applied through glazing over colours like azurite, verdigris, malachite, or ochre. While few surviving examples showcase its beauty, the unfortunate tendency of turning brown and its poisonous nature led to its decline in the 17th century, tarnishing many otherwise splendid artworks.


    The Void and the Pursuit of Alternatives


    Despite Copper Resinate's demise, the demand for its unique colour persisted. Numerous alternatives surfaced over the years, often involving blends of fugitive blues and yellows. Not until the 20th century did reliable green pigments emerge, recreating the beloved old master colour in a permanent and non-toxic form. Alpine Green, a blend born of this pursuit, joined the Matisse range, finding a lasting appeal beyond its initial folk art context.


    Alpine Green: A Modern Artistic Marvel


    While folk art colours waned in popularity, Alpine Green endured due to its versatility in landscape painting. A cleaner alternative to Australian Olive Green, Alpine Green can easily be subdued by mixing with Raw Sienna. The colour's adaptability extends to replacing Australian Sap Green, where adding a touch of Primary Yellow transforms it into the desired hue.


    Unlocking a Spectrum of Greens


    Alpine Green proves instrumental in crafting an array of greens. Blending it with Transparent Red Oxide or Raw Umber yields a Hooker's Green, while Raw Sienna or Yellow Oxide produces mid forest green tones. Using Yellow Deep creates golden greens reminiscent of morning sunlight on leaves, while Primary Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Medium results in vibrant hues suitable for sunlit foliage and freshly mowed lawns.


    Beyond Nature: Alpine Green in the Man-Made World


    In the realm of man-made colours, Alpine Green shines bright. Combining it with Permanent Green Light produces a beautiful range of vibrant greens. The colour's adaptability and usefulness echo the preferences of old masters, yet the modern version eliminates the challenges they faced, presenting a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary innovation.

    Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Alpine Green (SDS)

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    Alpine Green is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow, Matisse Fluid  

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