Our CEO and Head Chemist, Steven Patterson, is providing the Matisse mediums and paints online training for you and your team. He will walk you through these hands-on classes., You will walk away with your hand-painted sample board at the end of each lesson. All materials and sample boards will be sent to you before your classes.
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You can schedule a session via Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. 
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PART 1 | Matisse Mediums & Paint Ranges

Matisse Paint Ranges

What's the difference between Matisse's paint range, Structure, Flow, Fluid and acrylic inks? Steven gives you the low down of these ranges, when and why and how to use them. You get the chance to sit down, paint them out, and get a good idea of the difference between them. You will leave this session with a hand-painted resource that you can share with your artists.

Surface Preparation

Matisse colours will stick to most surfaces, but it will only function as well as the foundation on which it is placed. In this hands-on class, Artist/chemist/Derivan CEO Steven Patterson will teach you the fundamentals of preparing any surface for painting.


In this hands-on workshop, Steven will explain why varnishing an acrylic painting is the final step in the artist's process and the ins and outs of varnishing.

Fabric Painting & Screen Printing With Acrylics  

Do you want to screen print with acrylics? This session takes you through how to use our world-famous Matisse Print Paste to create fine art prints. Or maybe hand painting fabrics is what your customer wants to do. This session will cover what we can and can't do on material and how to clean it up.

Builders | Impasto techniques 

Are you looking for a thick paint technique and a heavily textured surface? Matisse has various impasto-type mediums available to thicken your paint. Each has its quality. This session will show you how to create surface texture with our materials. Whether you seek brush strokes or heavy palette knife marks, we have what you need.

Unique Effect Mediums 

In the Matisse mediums range is a set of mediums that give you special effects. This session covers self-levelling medium, a water-based resin suitable for thick pieces of high gloss paint. Or if Matt is more your thing, Matt medium, which gives your colour a very low sheen, and iridescent medium, which will impart an iridescence, metallic shine to your paint for striking effects. 

Glazing and thinning Acrylics 

You can just thin acrylics with water, right? Well, yes and no, there are many ways to thin acrylic paint for glazing and watercolour effects. This session teaches you which medium to use to maintain water fastness and how to control the sheen level.

Drying Retarders

Want to control the drying time of acrylics we have a medium for that? We offer different drying mediums for acrylic paints, so try them all and see how they differ.

PART 2 | Learning about pigments & colour wheels

What's a pigment? | organic and

inorganic Pigments 

Have you ever considered how acrylic paints are produced? And what pigments are used to create our colours? Every pigment has its own set of characteristics, and you can improve your art practice by understanding them. In this session, we will explore how our eyes process colours, the different qualities each pigment brings to the table, and how this knowledge can enhance your art.

Colour Wheel History Session 

Colour research and technology surged in the previous century and new unique hues 

and terminologies resulted. During this class, you will examine the pigments employed by old masters and compare them to those utilised by modernists. You may also use two colour wheels to compare and contrast this class. In a way, this session is a hands-on pigment history lesson.

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