Mayan Violet | Matisse Acrylic Paint 

Pigment Number: PV58

Pigment Opacity: semi transparent

Paint Opacity: semi transparent

Series 5

Mayan Violet Matisse Acrylic Paint

Mayan Violet | Matisse Acrylic Paint 

Historical Roots of Mayan Violet


Mayan Violet, a pigment steeped in historical and geographic richness, traces its origins to the Mayan civilization that flourished in the heart of the American continent during the Classic Period (ca. 250–900). The Mayans, known for their advancements in architecture, science, and art, left an indelible mark on history.


Regal Tastes: Mayan Royalty and Imperial Violets


During this era, Mayan royalty exhibited a predilection for deep imperial violets. Mayan Violet, a hue meticulously crafted, serves as an ideal foundation for these regal colours. Its versatility shines as it harmonizes with Ultramarine Blue, giving rise to bluer violets, or intertwines with Magenta Quin Violet, yielding mulberry mauves. Alternatively, it stands boldly on its own, presenting deep, dark violets straight from the tube.


Chromatic Symphony: Mayan Violet's Adaptability


Mayan Violet gracefully adapts to various expressions, embracing a lighter demeanour when paired with Magenta Light or Australian Sky Blue. An essential tip in this chromatic symphony is the preference for lightening with a corresponding colour rather than resorting to Titanium White—except when delicately crafting the lightest tints through thoughtful colour mixing. Mayan Violet invites artists to explore its spectrum, echoing the sophistication of its ancient roots.

Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Mayan Violet (SDS)

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Mayan Violet is available in Matisse Structure 

Colour Mixing with Mayan Violet 

Using exercises from the Matisse Colour Wheel Theory Book 

The Colour Book

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Mixing Tints with Mayan Violet  

It's effortless to create a variety of subtle shades of Mayan Violet by mixing it with titanium white. Adding tints to your palette allows you to create highlights on your painting that capture the light. This simple exercise is taken from the colour book on page 65 and page 14 of the workbook. Paint a square of Mayan Violet in the first box, then add a small amount of titanium white paint to each square. Keep adding white to each square in the line as you progress. Continue until there is little to no visible change in colour Notice how as you add the white, you can see the tinting strength of the Mayan Violet. As each colour appears, see the different cool undertones, creating soft harmonizing violet blues.

Mayan Violet Tint Scale ( mixed with Titanium white )

Mixing Shades With Mayan Violet 

Creating shades with black by black to Mayan Violet produces a variety of that colour's tones. A colour with low tinting strength will produce a smaller range of colour ranges. Because black has high tinting strength or is a staining colour, only a tiny amount is needed to change the colours. Each block can be applied similarly to the tint scale, showing the subtle differences between shade mixes. Tip: try not to add too much water to the mixtures as this will dilute the colour, and you will miss the actual state of this unique pigment.

Mayan Violet Shade Scale ( mixed with Mars Black )

Mixing Grey Tones With Mayan Violet 

We've already mixed the black into the scale; all we need to do is add white in small amounts to the mixtures to create a range of tinted grey. Note how You decrease the colour's intensity and increase its opacity when you add the white. Create a colour blend by mixing small amounts of colour for each of the squares, starting with the lightest grey and ending with the darkest grey. Looking down at the rows of colours you created, you will notice that they seem to harmonize with each other more.

Mayan Violet Gray Scale ( mixed with Titanium white & Mars Black )

Creating A Split Complementary Colour Scheme With Mayan Violet

Mayan Violet is a stunning, earthy blue-violet colour. When mixed with other colours, it creates brilliant effects. It is a versatile colour that can be used to create a range of different effects, depending on the colours it is combined with.

If you mix Mayan Violet with complementary yellows, you can create striking greens and browns. You can use these colours c to create a perfect split complementary colour scheme for a rolling landscape

So, if you're looking for a unique and versatile colour, Mayan Violet is a great choice. It is a colour that can be used in a variety of ways, and it is sure to add a beautiful, earthy touch to any project.

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