Deep Rose Madder | Matisse acrylic paint

    Chemical Description: Benzimidazolone

    Pigment Number: PR175

    Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

    Pigment Opacity: Transparent

    Paint Opacity: Transparent

    Series 4

    Deep Rose Madder | Matisse acrylic paint

    Chemical Roots and Wide Application


    Deep Rose Madder, a dark red also known as benzimidazolone red in the chemical realm, finds extensive use in various industries such as plastics, water-based paints, inks, and textile printing. Its resemblance to alizarin crimson allows for a similar application on the palette, yet it lacks alizarin's imperfections. Boasting high permanence comparable to Cadmium Red, Deep Rose Madder belongs to the azo pigments family, specifically in the yellow, orange, and red spectrum. Notably, its longevity surpasses some pigments, rivalling even cadmiums and excelling in lightfastness, particularly in tints with white.


    Performance in Different Media


    Embraced in the pigment industry for its resilience against light, weathering, and chemicals, Deep Rose Madder stands out for its cost-effectiveness. Its compatibility across artistic media, especially in the transparent realm of acrylics, showcases its brilliance. Unlike oil paint, where linseed oil introduces a yellowish tint, acrylics remain crystal clear, accentuating the pigment's true beauty without alteration. Deep Rose Madder's natural transparency shines through in acrylics, allowing the undertone to be fully appreciated.


    Glazing Properties and Application Techniques


    Unique glazing properties of Deep Rose Madder reveal themselves distinctly in acrylics. Unlike oil paint, acrylic glazes can be applied at any painting stage and dry rapidly. This colour, when used for glazing, can elevate dull ochre shades, especially when diluted with Matisse Acrylic Painting Medium MM9.


    Complementary Dynamics with Matisse Rose Madder


    Deep Rose Madder complements Matisse Rose Madder, offering a darker, less bluish red with enhanced transparency and affordability. Each colour holds its unique strengths, catering to personal artistic preferences. Matisse Rose Madder excels in creating mauves and mid-violet tones, contributing to luminous blacks when combined with Phthalocyanine Green. In contrast, Deep Rose Madder shines in crafting dark purples and enhancing other reds. Its cost advantage aligns well with artists seeking quality within budget constraints.


    Versatility in Mixing: From Dark Reds to Earthy Hues


    The richness of Deep Rose Madder unfolds in its versatility as a mixer. It excels in creating dark purples and violets when combined with Ultramarine Blue, offering luminosity and enhanced lightfastness compared to alternatives like Dioxazine Purple. In mixing with earth colours, its subdued brightness harmonizes flawlessly with iron oxides and umbers. With Venetian Red, it produces stunning dark reds, while blending with Burnt Umber results in burgundy and red wine hues. Mixed with Yellow Oxide, it unveils intriguing burnt oranges and golden ochres, brimming with character and depth. The affordability of Deep Rose Madder makes it an accessible choice for artists seeking a spectrum from passionate reds to nuanced mixing capabilities. Whether preference leans towards mauves or dark purples, Deep Rose Madder delivers a vibrant palette to suit individual artistic endeavours.

    Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Deep Rose Madder (SDS)

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    Deep Rose Madder is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow 

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