Matisse Scarlet Dpp | Matisse acrylic paint

Chemical Description: Diketo pyrrole pyrrole

Pigment Number: PR256

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Opaque

Paint Opacity: Opaque

Series 7

Matisse Scarlet Dpp | Matisse acrylic paint

Pyrrole Pigments Unveiled


Matisse Scarlet DPP stands as a remarkable colour in the artist's palette. The abbreviation "DPP" refers to the chemical name for pyrrole pigments, specifically Diketo Pyrrolo Pyrrole. These pigments, derived from bio pigments found in bile, were accidentally discovered in 1974 and patented in 1983. Emerging in artists' paints since the 1990s, pyrrole reds have also found success in premium car paints. Renowned for their exceptional lightfastness, surpassing even cadmium pigments, pyrrole pigments offer cleaner and more intense colours across a spectrum from orange to deep crimson.


Pyrrole's Artistic Ascendancy


The ascent of pyrrole pigments mirrors the gradual displacement of vermilion by Cadmium Red. While the initial higher cost slowed the adoption of the new pigment, artists' growing appreciation for its advantages eventually cemented its place. Concerns over the poisonous nature of vermilion further hastened its decline, relegating it to niche uses like restoring old master paintings. Similarly, health concerns over cadmium colours could potentially lead to restrictions, making pyrrole reds and oranges viable alternatives for artists.


Pyrroles in the Artistic Spotlight


Pyrroles gained prominence when a purported collection of previously unknown Jackson Pollock paintings from the 1940s surfaced. However, subsequent paint analysis revealed the presence of pyrrole red, a pigment unavailable during Pollock's era. This discovery underscored the forger's excellent pigment choice but highlighted a lack of historical pigment knowledge.


The Allure of Matisse Scarlet DPP


Matisse Scarlet DPP boasts a clean and intense scarlet red—a highly desirable trait for bright spectrum colours like red. Artists often favour slightly subdued colours, but the versatility of a clean colour shines when enhancements are needed. Matisse Scarlet DPP serves as a superb and non-toxic alternative to traditional old masters' vermilion when portraying portraits and figures. Its excellence extends to permanence, equalling or surpassing other reds, making it suitable for various artistic techniques. This vivid hue is a testament to the evolution and practicality of pyrrole pigments in the artist's palette.

Safety Data Sheet for Matisse Scarlet DPP (SDS)

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Matisse Scarlet DPP is available in Matisse Structure, Matisse Flow

ストラクチャー • 75ml • 250ml • 500ml
フロー • 75ml • 500ml

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