• 化学物質の概要:

    • 顔料番号: PB15.3, PW6, PG7

    • 耐光性評価:

    • 顔料の不透明度: 半透明

    • 絵の具の不透明度:半透明

    • シリーズ2

    Manganese Blue Hue is a Limited Edition.

    A synthetic green blue pigment was formed "when an aqueous solution of permanganate of potash yields with baryta-water a violet mixture which afterwards becomes colour-less and deposits a blue precipitate" first mentioned in the late 1800's Only becoming commercially available in the 1930's {when IG Farbenindustries AG patented it in 1935} - however production appears to have been phased out only recently in the 1990's due it seems to the cost vs other pigments on the market such as cobalts and phthalocyanines, together with the fact that it contained barium and was deemed to be toxic. Therefore now days any artist paint manufactures who offer the colour make a blend to arrive at the same hue.
    Today while Matisse does manufacture to order a very small amount of colour based on the original Manganese blue - it has matched the original colour perfectly in the Manganese Blue Hue. Embedded with the wonderful mass tone of the original colour together with its rich undertones the Manganese Blue Hue is made on safe, non toxic pigments rendering it totally safe for use by all artists (and the environment)


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