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Techniques - Smooshing
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by Michelle Roberts

No, this isn't a kissing technique!

Smooshing is a technique that has taken the Decorative Painting world by storm. If you want to get a beautiful soft, light dry brush finish, try this.



The leaves on this daisy project have been painted using a smoosing brush.


When using the smooshing brush (sometimes known as a Smudge Tint brush), first ensure that the brush is dry, and only ever use a very small amount of paint, as this is a very fine dry brush technique.

Brush excess paint off either on a piece of paper towel, or onto the back of your hand, until it comes off the brush in a powdery fashion.

Lightly tickle the area you are 'smooshing', gradually building up pressure when you're confident with the amount of paint coming off the brush.

Blend out the harsh edges with a nearly empty brush.

Want to try out the technique more? Try painting the African Daisy project by Michelle Roberts!





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