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Safety Sheets
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At Matisse Derivan, we take safety seriously. Below is information on our Material Safety Data Sheets. Please click on any you wish to preview - they will open in a separate window.

Both the new AP and CL Seals of The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) have recently been registered with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office on March 11, 2008 and March 18, 2008, respectively. We will be converting the symbol ™ to the symbol ® on
products certified by ACMI with the production of new product labels. Until these changes are made, the Seals will be accompanied by the existing ™ symbol. The Seals are owned by ACMI. Further information is available from ACMI at P. O. Box 479, Hanson, MA  02341-0479 or Tel: 781-293-4100.  


For more information about ACMI - visit their site here.


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Acrylics as Facepaint (from Steven Patterson, General Manager)

There has recently been several posts (some old some new) that say that "acrylics" or artists paints are dangerous to use on the skin and that they are carcinogenic, that is, they cause cancer. This is not true, although some artist acrylics may contain pigments that may possibly be carcinogenic, it is the pigment that is the nasty part not the acrylic.  However, these pigments will usually have more obvious health warnings on them than a cigarette packet, so it will not be hard to work out which are the bad ones.

The chance that one of colours may be carcinogenic is not the only reason not to use artist paints on the skin however. The reason that artist acrylics should not be used on the skin is the same reason that anything else that is not a cosmetic should not be used on the skin. Only cosmetic products made to cosmetic standards (or other therapeutic goods that are designed to go on the skin) are made using materials that are proven to be safe on the skin and can be used for pro-longed periods without any side effects.

For Matisse Derivan products, if they are labelled non-toxic then that’s what they are, however, being non-toxic does not mean that they are meant to be eaten or for that matter go on the skin. They are designed to be safe for their intended use and if a person happens to consume a small amount ‘accidentally’ or get some on their skin ‘the average person’ will have no reaction.  You should keep in mind that there are people who are not ‘average’ and are hyper-sensitive to some things and they may find that the paints cause them irritation or even to become quite ill, and this can happen with many different things - even something as humble as a peanut can be quite literally life threatening to some people. With that said I can't remember a complaint about our product (and I have been here since 1983). So non-toxic does not equal cosmetic.

Acrylics are not necessarily dangerous (many acrylics are approved and used in cosmetics worldwide) however it is certainly wrong to use an artist acrylic as a face paint. Only paints such as the Derivan Face & Body Paint or Tim Gratton’s Body & Face Paints that are cosmetics should be used.




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