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Techniques - Rag Rolling
Matisse Derivan - Proudly Australian Owned and Made


This tremendous effect is best on walls or a flat surface to create a modern and warm, soft painted finish.

Suitable for:

Walls, wood, paper/papier mache, card, tin and plaster


* Matisse Background Colours of choice
* Matisse MM16 Faux Finish and Marbling Gel
* Basecoating brush or roller
* T-Shirt material


1. Apply a basecoat of your choice of Matisse Background Colours in a flat, even finish using a brush or roller and leave to dry.
2. While drying prepare your t-shirt material by folding it into managable sizes. This will be twisted and used later on.
3. Mix Matisse MM16 Faux Finish and Marbling Gel and your chosen Matisse Background Colour to desired strength of colour to make a "Glazing Mix".
Generally, this is a 1:1 mixture, however, darker colours such as blues may only require 1 part paint to 3 or 4 parts MM16 Faux Finish and Marbling Gel.
4. Apply the Glazing Mix with a brush over the area that was previously painted.
Apply the glaze in only a small area at a time so it does not dry before you're finished the next step.
5. While the Glazing Mix is still wet, twist a piece of t-shirt material, and hold it between your hands and roll it down the painted surface. The pattern is made by the actual lifting of the material off the surface.

NOTE: If a large area is to be rolled, then it will be necessary to keep a good stock of t-shirt material on hand, as the material shouldn't be allowed to become soaked with paint.

Giving paint extra body, with the addition of a small amount of retarder included to give you more working time, MM16 Faux Finish and Marbling Gel is an excellent medium for all types of special finishes. Try using it in the same manner on smaller pieces using Gladwrap.

Alternatively, for a different effect, scrunch a rag and pat it on the surface.



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