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2009 News!

We have moved!

After 20 years here in Mortlake we have moved, as we have outgrown our current warehouse, and are bursting at the seams.

Where we have moved to

Units 3 and 4, 23 Leeds Street,
Rhodes NSW 2142
Phone: 02 9736 2022 (No Change)
Fax: 02 9736 3637 (No Change)
Postal Address: P.O. Box 335 Concord NSW 2137 (No Change)
E-Mail Address: derivan@derivan.com.au OR matisse@matisse.com.au (No Change)

When: Now.
Business Interruption:
There will be an unavoidable impact for a short period of time on filling and despatching orders to you.

Some Points of Interest: Being Green
After literally hundreds of visits to potential factories we have found this brilliant new home in Rhodes, at approx twice the size of our existing factory – we will have some more much needed room. Aside from space there are many other benefits in our move, firstly there is the opportunity to be a little greener in the way we do things- some of the new things we will be doing are:

  • The building was selected as it is sited well to make use of the natural movement of the sun for both optimal light and climate control

  • It is  anticipated we will be using half the energy in lighting the new building,

  • climate control – due to the  way the building is situated and the fact the entire building is fully insulated -it is anticipated that by mechanical means the office will need little or no air conditioning and the factory will make use of cross ventilation vents (to be installed).

  • We will be moving to a “closed water” system – which in theory means we will be recycling all our water and will cut our water usage in half (which is down substantially from 10 years ago due to systems already implemented)

  • This site was also selected as it is close to public transport being located 600m from Meadowbank wharf, 750m from Rhodes train station and 200m from the bus. In keeping with our sustainability program we will have push bike parking and amenities to encourage staff and visitors to ride to the new factory.

  • Further advantages will be greater efficiencies in production through better placement of equipment (plus some new equipment)

We welcome all customers to come and view our new premises, and remember each year we have our:

OPEN DAY: Saturday 17th October 2009: commencing 10.00am: don’t forget!

Derivan sponsors Ride2School competition

Ride2School Using colors, pictures and creative flair students can design the artwork for a helmet thatís bright and stands out from the crowd.

The helmet artwork needs to appeal to all students both males and females and make being safe cool on the Ride2School!

Who can enter? All primary and secondary school students in NSW

The prizes...
There will be 3 finalists and 1 winner from each region of NSW who will win a bicycle, a helmet and other cycling goodies. One of the regional winners will be selected as the overall winner and have their artwork printed on the RIDE2SCHOOL HELMET which will be available for sale across the state and they will also win a cycleskill workshop for their school!

HOW TO to enter...
Download the helmet design sheet from
Complete your artwork on the design sheet and send to: RIDE2SCHOOL & ABC Radio Art competition, GPO Box 272, Sydney, NSW, 2001

Competition closes at 5pm on FRIDAY 29TH May 2009

Matisse Acrylics In Antarctica!

Steven Eastaugh

Matisse paints are being used as far south as one can go. and in the coldest conditions one is likely to encounter. Steven Eastaugh, is resident artist in Antartica for a whole year, and the first Australian arts fellow to winter over.

When Steven goes to his studio to paint, it is necessary for him to hold on to a rope to get the twenty-five metres from his living quarters to his studio which is shown in the picture below.



Steven Eastaugh StudioYou can read more about the Antarctica adventures of this extremely well-travelled artist, and see his paintings on his website, here.














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