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Matisse Derivan Mission Statement
Matisse Derivan - Proudly Australian Owned and Made


Matisse Derivan is striving to become the world leader in manufacture and supply of artist and educational acrylics.

This aim is being realised by not only meeting regulatory and statutory requirements, but surpassing these through the implementation of a Total Quality Management System (based on ISO 9000/AS3902) Matisse Derivan not only aim to meet, but exceed their customers requirements and expectations.

With full support of management and staff, Matisse Derivan through constant and documented inspection, revision, consultation and improvement aim to provide the highest quality product and service possible in an affordable and socially responsible matter.

If a conflict of interest between quality, cost and time concerns, or any other quality reducing factor arises, under this policy the utmost concern is and shall be that of quality. This policy assigns the responsibility of quality to all employees of Matisse Derivan.

It is the belief of Matisse Derivan that through both our quality policy and mission statement we will be able to achieve our goal of becoming the leading supplier to the field.

Matisse Derivan's Mission Statement is simple but ambitious. To become the leading supplier/manufacturer of artist acrylics world wide by providing unsurpassed quality and service.

There are a number of principles that will guide us to our aim:

  • aim for the highest quality possible relative not only to competitors but also to our own agenda;
  • to give the best possible service to all whom we come in contact with even if they are not seen as being a particularly good prospect;
  • equal employment opportunities;
  • not tolerate any form of discrimination in the workplace;
  • involvement and support for the local community; and
  • employing environmentally sound practices both in the products and production.

We consider all the above principles to be of great importance.

Steven Patterson
General Manager
Matisse Derivan




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