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Derivan MiNiS
Matisse Derivan - Proudly Australian Owned and Made




Derivan MiNiS have been scientifically formulated for model and miniature painters. There are 72 colours and mediums available in this range of colours that have been formulated in consultation with leading gaming enthusiasts.


For more information, check out the information on the back of the colour chart, or go to the colour chart page for easy conversions from Citadel and Vallego paints.


Would you like to know where to buy your MiNiS from? Check out our MiNiS Retailers page!

If you are a retailer, we have available online a list of barcodes for each of the range. If you are interested in becoming a MiNiS retailer - contact us for a retailer's fact sheet.


MiNiS Gallery

Below is a gallery of projects painted using the new Derivan MiNiS and other Matisse Derivan Prodcuts. This gallery will be changed frequently - so please come back regularly to visit. Click on each of the images to see a larger version - but be warned - these may be graphic intensive!



This water effect has been created using MiNiS and MM4 Gel Medium by Chris Shai-hee
by James Rutherford
by Gary Kenworthy
Wild Ancient Celts Miniatures 28mm, various manufacturers Painted using Derivan Minis By Ty Gock
Wild Ancient Celts Miniatures 28mm, various manufacturers Painted using Derivan Minis
By Ty Gock
Wild Ancient Celts Miniatures 28mm, various manufacturers Painted using Derivan Minis By Ty Gock
Ancient Celts - click to view larger pic
Lupine Lord from Reaper Miniatures: Gums and tongue: Spartan Red & Emperor Purple & Spear Brown base, highlighted with Unbleached Cloth.
Battledress Brown highlighted with Winter White
Sherwood Green highlighted with Meadow Green and Heraldry Yellow
Fur: basecoat of Burnt Brown , Night Blue, and a drop of Surface Tension Breaker (settles perfectly into the fur). Next layer - Burnt Brown & Spartan Red & Spear Brown with a touch of Night Blue. Highlight with Desert Stone & Battledress Brown, then pure Desert Stone, then add White.
Cloth: Night Blue & Burnt Brown basecoat highlighted with Meadow green. Pattern has Webbing Green and Heraldry Yellow added.
Armour: Spartan Red & Emperor Purple & Night Blue. Highlighted with Spartan Red, then Tobruk Brown & Amazon pink then white.
Base of Paynes Grey & Battleship Grey. Highlight with Battleship Grey then white.
Gold: Militia Brown & Emperor Purple, highlighted with Militia Brown, then Desert Yellow, then Unbleached Cloth then Winter White.
Claws: Black & Boer Brown, highlighted with Desert Stone Leather : Burnt Brown & Spear Brown & Spartan Red & Olive Drab, highlighted with Spear Brown & Desert Yellow, then Tobruk brown.
Shell horn: Base of Unbleached Cloth, glazed with Amazon Pink, and Sherwood& GI Green, and Spear Brown.
Wood: Burnt Brown base, with highlights of Battledress Brown and Desert Stone.
by Rachel Borthwick http://www.ironhalo.net
Ancient Celts From Italeri (1/72 scale soft Plastic)
1. Washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and allowed to dry.
2. Sprayed coated using Derivan (Trial) Pre Plastic Primer.
3. Undercoated using the Derivan Mini Black Primer
4. Painted and inked using the Derivan Mini Paint and ink range.
5.  Varnished using the Derivan Mini water based Matt varnish.
By Ty Gock








































































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