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The History of Matisse Derivan
Matisse Derivan - Proudly Australian Owned and Made


Since 1964 Matisse Derivan has been committed to providing the arts community with the world's finest quality artist acrylic colours and mediums.

The founders of the company had a vision "to make available to artists worldwide a premium paint whilst remaining environmentally and socially responsible". This was to be achieved while still maintaining the quality and personal touch that only a family company can provide. They have done just that, ensuring that Matisse Derivan has grown from a tiny affair (operating out of stables in Sydney 's inner city) to the multinational operation that it is today. With manufacturing sites spanning 3 continents, they have not lost sight of the fact that at the end of the day they are here to provide the best quality products that can be made.

This is their promise to you the artist.

Matisse Derivan strives to produce the best product it can, guided by the requirements of its customers. This has been realised in the Matisse range which is all made to the highest standard to ensure not only the most brilliant and pure result, but artists can be safe in the knowledge that their work will not crack, fade or change in any way.

In the Derivan range of school products, Matisse Derivan produced a world-first in the 1960's - "student grade acrylic"- then successfully introduced completely non-toxic silk screen inks and block inks where previously inks containing toxic solvents were the only choice.

In the 1970's it came to the Company's attention that their children's paint was being used to paint children's faces at fairs and school fetes. Although the paint was non-toxic, it was not formulated for prolonged use on the skin so Matisse Derivan set about formulating a world first - "Face and Body Paint" which has had increasing sales ever since!

In keeping with Matisse Derivan's promise to the artist, they welcome any feedback or queries regarding their products or application.

We look forward to your comments.


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