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Projects for Folk Artists / Decorative Painters
Matisse Derivan - Proudly Australian Owned and Made


To see some great projects that have been featured in the Folk Art and Decorative Painting magazine, or similar publications - visit our Spot Us page.


Daisy Teddy

African Daisies by Michelle Roberts

Memory Box Teddy by Michelle Roberts

Desert Rose Poddy Calf

Sturt Desert Rose by Julie Blight (255kbs)

Poddy Calf by Michelle Roberts (231kb)

Six White Boomers Christmas Cracker

Six White Boomers by Michelle Roberts (386kb)

Christmas Cracker by Sylvia Figg (151kb)

Candy Cane Rainbow Lorikeets

Candy Cane CD by Michelle Roberts (155kb)

Rainbow Lorikeets by Michelle Roberts

Great Barrier Reef Old Wood Stove

Great Barrier Reef by Michelle Roberts (126kb)

Old Wood Stove and linedrawing
by Michelle Roberts

Vege Bin

Candy by Michelle Roberts (302kb)

Vege Bin by Michelle Roberts

Extreme Blushing Rose
by Brenda Harkness (174kb)

Child Harlequin & Balloons by Donna Gilbertson


Powder Bowl by Wendy Shortland (271kb)

















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