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Frequently Asked Questions
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All these questions and more are answered in our new FAQ database. Explore and find out the answers to your questions, or ask your own.

Q. My child has just spilt paint all over the carpet, how do I get it out?

A. Wet stains: After removing the surplus paint, wet carpet with an old towel or lint free cloth and rub ordinary household soap into the stain, always moving towards the centre of the stain so as not to spread it further. Continue to rinse the towel/cloth

Dry stains: Soak the stain for and hour or two with water and soap to begin with to try and "loosen" the paint, then follow the intructions for wet stains.


Q. I have just got paint all over my clothes

A. Wet stains: Place stained area of garment under a tap of cold running water, holding balance of garment above the stain so that the colour does not spread. After removing the surplus paint, place wet garment on an old towel and rub ordinary household soap into the stain working the heavily soaped wet cloth area between your fingers in a rolling action using the thumb and forefinger of each hand on either side of the stain. Do not rub the stain directly.

Wash the area under cold water and repeat procedure 2 or 3 times till all colouring is removed. Dry out wet garment by wrapping in a towel and twisting to remove excess moisture

Dry stains: Leave to soak for 12-24 hours then follow instructions for wet paint

Please note that staining may occur of some fabrics with any of the paints. However staining will definitely occur with the Matisse artist colours, Derivan Fabric paints, Paint-a-matazz ranges.


Q. My child has just eaten some of the paint, is it toxic.

A. Check the Material Safety Data Sheets sheets making sure you match the product exactly with the correct MSDS these can be found here.


Most Matisse Derivan products are non toxic however there are some that are toxic they are:


MM14 Matisse Medium Turps based Gloss Varnish (250ml tin) - Click here for link to MSDS

MM15 Matisse Medium Turps based Matt Varnish (250ml tin) - Click here for link to MSDS

Derivan Oil based patina (500ml tin) - Click here for link to MSDS

All the above contain Turpentine WHICH SHOULD NOT BE INGESTED

Seek medical advice IMMEDIATELY if any of the above are ingested

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Some other products to be careful with are the Cadmium colours once again their details and precautions for use are listed in the MSDS

However Medical advice should be sought IMMEDIATELY if any of these are ingested

Colours in the Matisse Structure and Flow ranges include:

Cadmium Yellow Light, Cad Yellow Lt - Click here for link to MSDS

Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cad Yellow Med - Click here for link to MSDS

Cadmium Orange , Cad Orange - Click here for link to MSDS

Cadmium Red Medium, Cad Red Med - Click here for link to MSDS

These may be packed in 75ml tubes, 250ml jars 500ml jars or by arrangement in larger sizes Cadmium Yellow Tint in the Derivan artist range DOES NOT contain any cadmium pigment.


The rest of the Matisse and Derivan ranges are all made to relevant standards where they exist and are considered to be non toxic, however none of these products are designed to be consumed.

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If any Matisse Derivan product is consumed please contact your local doctor or the poisons information service Phone (Aust.) 131126
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