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Matisse Derivan - Proudly Australian Owned and Made


Matisse Derivan in its endeavour to fulfil its mission statement seeks to recruit and keep the best people for all positions within the company. We offer equal opportunities to all race, age, gender, religion or sexual preference. At Matisse Derivan we believe it is a person's right to be considered for any job in which they are skilled, qualified and able to perform those tasks required.


Matisse Derivan aims to provide a safe, friendly and fair work environment for its employees.

At Matisse Derivan we work under the Clerical and Administrative (State) Award and Paint and Varnish makers (state) Award. However the majority of our permanent staff are paid 25% or more above the award and we aim to reward those staff who work well with increased benefits.

We also employ a team of workers from Achieve Foundation Employment - more information can be found here.


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