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Techniques - Decoupage
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MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish & Gloss Medium is also used as a sealer and glue as well as the varnish for decoupage. Many coats can be applied and the MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish can be sanded between coats, if required.

A popular method of decoupage has been to apply 4 or 5 coats of MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish to a colour print (from a magazine or newspaper) leaving each coat to dry for 24 hours and the last coat for at least 48 hours, then soak in lukewarm water. The paper can then be removed and the image has been soaked up and is now embedded in the acrylic film. This film can then be glued down using another coat of the MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish. This will not work over paper that already has a gloss finish (such as the glossy cover of a magazine) as this stops the varnish from "soaking up" the ink.


Decoupage Sample Board
MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish (sample on left) will not yellow in any way, as other varnishes might (middle and right).

MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish is an efficient sealer, glue, binder medium, gloss glazing medium as well as a gloss varnish. It is quite a universal medium, which would be a useful addition to any paint box.








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