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Scrapbooking Christmas projectScrapbooking Christmas |Page 1| Page 2 |


Decoupage Xmas BallsDecoupage Christmas Balls by Pat Penfold (120kb)

Envelopes folding instructions by Michelle Roberts (347kb)


Please check back here for the latest craft projects!


These might include:

  • Stamping
  • Miniature painting
  • Quick and Easy Gifts
  • Scrapbooking with Kindyglitz


Do you have a great idea? Send it to us! (it needs to be your own idea using Matisse Derivan products to be eligible).


* Bookmarks by Michelle Roberts
1. Use two different cards , cut the corners using a rounded corner punch, as well as a photo to match. Using a foam stamp and Derivan MiNiS. Splatter paint over the card to create an intersting effect. 2. Wet some paper and drip Matisse Inks onto the paper to create an interesting coloured effect, cut to suit shape.
* Faux eyelets by Michelle Roberts
Create your own fake eyelets by simply painting a dot of Derivan Dimensional Paint and once dry, punching a hole through it. This can also be fun to add features to words painted with Derivan Dimensional Paints or Derivan Kindyglitz.
* Dimensional Stars by Michelle Roberts
Create interesting tags or features using Derivan Dimensional paint and stencils. Simply use the stencil to guide the nozzle while squeezing. Care needs to be taken to avoid moving stencil while painting. These stars were painted with Derivan MiNiS and then Dimensional Paint Metallic Gold applied over the top using star stencil.
* Squiggle tags by Michelle Roberts
These tags have been created using white card and Matisse Inks. Simply brush desired colour over paper, and when dry use a Kemper tool loaded with Metallic Gold ink and draw squiggles on the paper. Punch tags or desired shape from this paper.
*Jelly Tags 1 - by Michelle Roberts
After punching a tag, or shape, simply apply a line of Dimensional Paint - Gems around the edge to create a jelly edge.
* Gold tags by Michelle Roberts
These tags were made using a Sizzix machine, and the outline of the smaller tag was used as a guide to quickly apply Derivan Dimensional Paint - Metallic Gold to the inside. simply use the 'hole' as a guide and zig zig over the small tag - the guide will stop you going over the edges.
* Peek-a-Boo tags by Michelle Roberts
Using Matisse Structure Formula for stamping using a foam stamp to apply the letter E. Use Matisse Inks on a cotton bud (Sepia) and roughly apply around the cut edges, and behind where the pic should be. Splatter with Matisse Inks, Sepia and White.
* Christmas Tags by Michelle Roberts
1. Matisse Inks as per bookmarks2. Using Derivan Dimensional Paint - puff white to create a snowflake.3. Using Derivan Dimensional Paint - Glitter to create raised lettering4. Using Dimensional Paint - slick to add embellishments to punched shapes.
* Mini Jelly tags by Michelle Roberts
Punch the tags, and write on using a permanent ink pen and allow to dry. Apply Dimensional Paint - Gems around the edges and then fill the middle, moving the paint around with the nozzle. Allow to dry. For an interesting effect, apply various colours and swirl with a pin. Allow at least 72 hours to dry before use.
* Muse by Emily Falconbridge
Fold long bazill basics envelop in half to create a card (can also be used as cover for a mini book). apply Midnight Blue paint to foam stamp, stamp on, and when dry highlight the same foam stamp with small amounts of Cobalt Turqoise & Silver paint and stamp over the top of the original stamp. roughly fingerpaint Cobalt Turqoise onto chipboard alphabet letters to create a title, and adhere to the card. apply ‘jeneva & co.’ rub on, stitch ribbon scraps to edges of card and embellish with star stickers.
* This is Where it's at by Emily Falconbridge
Using a paintbrush, slap Matisse Gold Ink all over a piece of green cardstock, letting it pool together in places for a thicker and bubbly effect. Allow 24 hours to dry, and then emellish your scrapbook page.
* Embrace Life by Emily Falconbridge
‘fingerpaint’ Matisse Structure Vermillion and Magenta (Quinn Violet) onto foam flower stamp and stamp onto cardstock page. Dab tiny amount of magenta paint onto finger and swipe around edges of cardstock for added dimension. Matt photo with cardstock, tie ribbon around and attatch photos to page with double sided tape/photo mounts. Lightly wipe Pthalo Green paint onto alphabet rubber stamps with figer/sponge brush and stamp title. Hand write journalling with marker.
* Look at Me by Emily Falconbridge
Paint entire piece of (light coloured) cardstock with Cobalt Turquoise Matisse paint. when dry, splodge on darker Midnight Blue colour, and while wet, wipe away (and wipe around) with a baby wipe to create a washed bacground effect. adhere photo to page. Hand carve a design from a piece of foam sheeting, paint in Aqua Green Light and press onto cardstock/ photo and lift off for a grungy refuse style look. Create journalling with Making Memories rub-ons.
* Zoe by Michelle Roberts
Using Derivan MiNiS to create a co-ordinated layout. Braids, letters, star, heart, buttons, photo and page edges have all been altered by adding Aegean Blue or Amazon Pink. Matisse MM23 Cracking Medium was used on a couple of the letters as well.
* Distressing and Splattering
Paint entirely with Derivan MiNiS - Agean Blue. When dry paint roughly around the edges with Amazon Pink and splatter with the same colour.

*Cracking on lettering
Paint entire letter with Derivan MiNiS - Amazon Pink and dry. Apply MM23 Cracking medium and allow to dry. When dry coat liberally with Derivan MiNiS Aegean Blue. Paint Amazon Pink roughly around hte edges. For more information about MM23 Cracking Medium, click here.
* Distressed Star
Paint entire star with Derivan MiNiS - Amazon Pink. Paint button with Aegean Blue. Roughly paint around the edges of the star with Aegean Blue - add a little Amazon Pink to button.. Place thread through button and tie off - Glue button to star with Dimensional Paint - clear.
* Matching
Make everything match by adding a coat of paint! Even add a little paint to your background to tie it all together.


Envelopes by Michelle Roberts
Make your own envelopes and decorate with paint and ink!
Red Love envelope
Create envelope with striped paper, and stamp with Derivan MiNiS Rorke's Drift Red. Add dots of Dimensional Paint - Slick Red to create Faux eyelets. Glue on ric rac and braid. Paint flower to match (this was taken from a cheap bunch of fake flowers I'd stashed - just pull out the centres). Dry. When dry punch centres of the Dimensional Paint to make Faux Eyelets, and thread ribbon and string. Add a large dot of Dimensional Paint - Aztec Gold to the centre of the flower.
Grunge Love envelope
Create envelope with plain card, and stamp with Matisse Ink - Black. When dry, colour in areas of the love stamp with Matisse Inks Turquoise and Carmine. Add a wash of Matisse Ink Turquoise around the edges of the envelope. Add a little Kindyglitz - Crystalina to the letters and around the edges (more noticable in real life than in this photograph). Dry. Glue to the back two pieces of wool to each side of the envelope (in similar position to where the eyelets are on the Red Love envelope). Cut small slits at the top and bottm of each side, and pull wool in a criss cross fashion across to these and secure.

Beige Envelope
This one was made with simple, beige paper with a zig-zag pattern on it. Using a cotton bud and Matisse Sepia Ink roughly go around the edges of the envelope and the edges of two small wooden buttons. Stamp with a small stamp (this was an 'O' from a letter set from the cheap store) repeatedly - applying ink with the cotton bud. When dry, glue a piece of string to the envelopes top flap, and glue the button on top of that. Glue the second button to the bottom. When dry, twirl the string loosely around the buttons.
Baby Envelope
Create the envelope from a blue gingham paper. Paint a piece of plain white card with Derivan MiNiS Raf Blue, and use the Sizzex templates to cut out the words (Rat-a-Tat) and image. Using a cotton bud, apply a small amount of this paint to the edges of the envelope.
Co-ordinating letters & embellishments
Choose colours from your layout to enhance embellishments. These have been painted with combinations of Derivan MiNis, Flaming Orange, Calvalry Yellow and Meadow Green.
Co-ordinating letters
Choose colours from your layout to enhance embellishments. These have been painted with combinations of Derivan MiNis, Flaming Orange, Calvalry Yellow and Meadow Green. Scraps of painted paper were also added behind these letters to help make them stand out.
Dimensional Paint
Add a bit of Dimensional paint around plain cardstock to create a totally different look. Featured is Derivan Dimensional Paint - Metallic Silver on plan blue card.
Gel Medium
Mix MM4 Gel Medium with Derivan MiNiS (Matisse Structure and Flow are also good choices here) and scrape over the top of chipboard with a palette knife, or simply use a paddlepop stick.
Clear Dimensional Paint
These were created by punching circles from brown cardstock, rubbing on individual letters (you could stamp, or paint these as well) and coating with Derivan Dimensional Paint - Clear. The dye from the paper is released into the clear as it dries and creates this effect. If you don't want this to happen, simple brush over your cardstock with MM7 Gloss Medium and Varnish prior to adding the Dimensional Paint.
MM2 Impasto Medium
Mix MM2 Impasto medium with colour of choice (pictured is Matisse Structure Formula - Aureolin Yellow) up to about 50/50 and scrape over card with palette knife or something similar (much like icing a cake). Press a foam stamp firmly into the medium and lift off carefully and allow to dry. Trim to suit.
Dry brush over MM2 Impasto Medium
In this example, a little Derivan MiNiS Regent Purple was brushed over exposed areas of cardstock to create a more rustic effect. Use a dry scruffy brush with a little paint on the end and lightly rub over. If you only want a small amount included, rub the brush on a piece of kitchen towel first.
Painting over Impasto by Rebecca Wadham
After stamping into Impasto medium, you can also choose to paint over the with one or more colours. If you use a dry brush, and lightly drag it over without much paint on it, the colours will be picked up in the stamped areas. This example was painted with a mixture of Matisse Flow Formula - Brilliant Alizarine and Titanium White.
"Sweet Baby Girl" by Rebecca Wadham
Detail of Sweet Baby Girl by Rebecca Wadham
This is yellow bazzil distressed with Matisse Flow - Titanium White. The S is is painted with a mixture of Matisse Flow Formula - Brilliant Alizarine and Titanium White.
Detail of Great Gran by Rebecca Wadham
All the flowers (except the prima) were painted with a mix of all three paints and iridescent medium (for a nice shimmer).
"Great Gran" by Rebecca Wadham
Products used - Matisse Flow Formula (Burnt Umber, Brilliant Alizarine, Titanium White) and MM24 Iridescent Medium. The photo mat was painted in a burnt umber wash and then a brilliant alizarine wash. Rebecca sanded it while it was still wet to give it the weathered look. The bazzil has been roughly painted with titanium white and the edges have been painted with the red. Other products used - lace, ricrac, feathers, buttons and doily.
Detail of Great Gran by Rebecca Wadham
Use paint to create great embellishments with simple foam stamps.
Detail of Noodle Box by Rebecca Wadham
Paint will allow you to make your own co-ordinating embelishments and gives a lot of interest to your page without a lot of expense.
Winner of the Matisse Derivan Scrapbooking Top 50 Challenge
Jigsaw Birthday Card by Rebecca Wadham
Rebecca used Matisse Flow Formula -Brilliant Alizarine, Spruce, Burnt Umber, Titanium White and MM24 Iridescent Medium (for the masking effect). She also used MM2 Impasto Medium for the photo corners and MM4 Gel Medium to give it a shine.
" I love working with paint it is so veratile. I used the impasto paste on the photo corners to give it a more textured effect."
Detail of Jigsaw by Rebecca Wadham
Try using paint, or as used here, MM24 Iridescent Medium over masks for unique effects.
Handpainted Paper
Using Matisse Flow formula Paint - Metallic Gold with a little Australian Red Violet washed on. Distresed with Sandpaper.
Handpainted Paper
To avoid most warping etc when painting the entire sheet of paper, you need to
  1. Have a small baking tray filled with a shallow layer of water.
  2. On a flat surface (i.e. table, bench etc) have either a large, flat (not lumpy, or textured) t-towel or piece of material - even a cotton tablecloth will work - but it must be absorbent.
  3. Place the paper into the tray and turn over and over until the entire piece is wet.
  4. Place paper on t-towel and place second piece over the top of the wet paper, smoothing with your hands to remove excess water.  I found smoothing from the inside out worked the best.
  5. Remove and paint at will!
  6. Allow to dry on a flat surface.
When dry, you can distress it with some rough sandpaper, especially around the edges, however care must be taken as you may find the paint rips off the paper with excessive vigour ;)  However, this can actually look quite good.
Handpainted Paper
Using Matisse Structure Formula - Australian Red Violet. Distressed with Sandpaper.
Faux Stitching
Not into sewing? But you'd like some stitching on your page? Simply use a co-ordinating Dimensional Paint to add stitching!




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